Platpotjie Enamel Coated With Lid; Size 1/2


Traditional quality, enamelled, heavy duty and very robust flat pot for the best potjie experience

Enamel coated & ready to use

Dishwasher Safe

Size ½ (1.7L)

Product Code: S7051


Our Cast Iron flat pots are covered with a protective black enamel coating and ready for use. They are heavy-duty, very robust, and can be used in an open fire, over warm coals, or on a stovetop. This is the flat-bottomed version of our popular 3-legged potjie. Ideal for the gas stoves, the oven, and gas grills. These pots come complete with a carrying handle and lid.

WEIGHT 2.7 kg
DIMENSIONS 180 × 180 × 130 mm


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