Skinning Knife 13cm Swibo


Swibo 13cm Wide Curved Rigid Blade Skinning Knife.

Product Code: V1943 5.8429.13


Swibo knives is a famous professional line of knives today produced by the Swiss company Victorinox. The characteristic yellow handles are made of non-slip nylon, they do not absorb grease or dirt. The blades are specially high carbon content, treated and hardened to offer greater hardness and flexibility and a more durable cutting edge that has made them more appreciated by professionals all over the world. All Swibo knives feature bright yellow handles that are a signature of the brand. Swibo was a part of the Swiss brand Wenger until it merged with Victorinox in 2005.


Used to skin poultry, roasts, hams, and other large cooked meat
Swiss made skinning knife with straight edge
With a non-slip, ergonomic handle and a wide blade
Dishwasher safe
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Properties: Rigid
Handle Material: Polyamide (PA)
Type of Edge: Normal straight edge
Dimension: Total Length 265mm, Blade length 130mm
Weight: 128g
Original by Victorinox, made in Switzerland