Pocket Knife Waiter


A wine lover’s take everywhere tool

Product Code: V1001 0.3303


In a toast to readiness, we took our classic Officer’s knife and gave it a little wine lover’s twist – literally. With its corkscrew always ready to go, the Waiter pocket knife will never leave you high and dry. Red, white, sparkling – wine always tastes better when you’re well prepared.


  1. large blade
  2. corkscrew
  3. bottle opener
  4. can opener
  5. screwdriver 5 mm
  1. wire stripper
  2. key ring
  3. toothpick
  4. tweezers

Height 12 mm
Net weight 35 g
scale material ABS / Cellidor
Size 84 mm
Blade lockable No
One hand blade No